Friday, December 8

Fox Business and Fox News Channel host Maria Bartiromo took on the rest of the legacy media for its refusal to do what the founding fathers envisioned: Serve as a check on those in power.

Specifically, Bartiromo called out the mainstream media for ignoring evidence of severe allegations of influence peddling by the Biden family that Republicans have uncovered, including the testimony of whistleblowers.

She noted that these are “the most serious charges” ever leveled against a president, but they are getting almost no coverage from the legacy media:

E-mails revealing Hunter Biden worked with executives from a China-based company back in 2016 in hopes to find potential investors for a movie production venture.

It was all happening while his father was vice president in September of 2016.

Another e-mail lays out the itinerary the hunter was taken to China with business executives who had deep ties to the CCP. More information about the influence-peddling scheme, that apparently has been going on for a decade plus.

About 20 LLCs, according to James Comer. He’s already identified at least $10 million that was sent to the Biden family members, that is $10 million for a handful of deals, we don’t how much money they taken in.

But there’s no business. We’re looking for what specifically you were doing to get paid. These are the most severe allegations ever leveled at a president, ever, and the media will not cover it.