Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) was left “without words” when he questioned the FBI’s Jill Murphy and she admited that she has NOT read former special counsel John Durham’s Report.

Murphy also could not name anyone in the FBI who read the Durham Report. She then said she intends to read it, but there’s no guarantee or evidence that she will read it unless she does it live on video.


[videopress DcgTsYA5]

Rep. Matt Gaetz has also been in the news recently when it comes to the Durham Report. Gaetz had some things to say about failed 2016 Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton after he had some time last week to peruse special counsel John Durham’s blockbuster report on the origins of the “Trump-Russia collusion” hoax.

In particular, the Florida Republican honed in on the report’s finding that no less than four federal probes into Clinton and her questionable charity, the Clinton Foundation, were suspiciously dropped in the weeks before the November election in which Donald Trump soundly defeated her.

Gaetz called for those criminal investigations into the Clintons to be reopened. He said: “The Clintons had a team of people at the FBI running interference for them to avoid criminal culpability. It’s not dissimilar to what we see with the Biden Crime Family today. These matters absolutely warrant additional exposure and review.”

What is the Durham Report?

The Durham report refers to an investigation led by U.S. Attorney John Durham, who was appointed by former Attorney General William Barr to examine the origins of the FBI’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The investigation, known as the Durham investigation or the Durham probe, aimed to determine whether any misconduct or wrongdoing occurred during the early stages of the investigation, including potential abuses of power or politically biased actions.

John Durham was granted special counsel status in October 2020 by then-Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, which provided him with greater independence and allowed him to continue his work into the next administration. The investigation focused on examining the actions of various government officials, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement personnel involved in the Russia investigation, including the handling of the Steele dossier and surveillance warrants against Trump campaign associate Carter Page.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the Durham investigation was ongoing, and the final report had not been released. It is important to note that the progress and findings of the Durham investigation may have evolved since then. It is advisable to consult up-to-date and reliable sources for the latest information on the Durham report.

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