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Bud Light got HAMMERED on sales slumps for six straight weeks as critics refuse to purchase their once drinkable beverage, but now you couldn’t give them big enough beer goggles to see through the drama and continue sipping on it. People are lighting boxes on fire, throwing cases of it in the trash, and Bud Light is even offering to buy back some unsold or expiring cases from certain retailers who can’t move the product.

This is because people are MAD at Bud Light for going woke with a controversial figure that most people in America do not support, also known as Dylan Mulvaney, the biological male who puts on ‘womanface’ and inadvertently mocks real women, takes jobs that could have gone to women, and is – for lack of better words – simply bad for society in general.

This boycott is going strong because consumers have so many other products they could purchase instead of Bud Light. It’s almost like Bud Light and other products made by the same company could go extinct and no one would really care because there’s just THAT many options to chose from.

To make it worse, Bud Light got leftwingers mad too. Now the brand is being devastated from both sides of the political field, according to the report on ABC News:

“Generally, boycotts get called and have very little effect,” Gerald Davis, a professor of organizational behavior at the University of Michigan Graduate School of Business. “For now, everybody is mad.”

Sales of Bud Light fell nearly 25% over the week ending on May 13 compared to the same period a year ago, according to data from Bump Williams Consulting and Nielsen NIQ obtained by ABC News.

To add insult to injury, there’s data backing up the Bud Light sales decline and it’s not very pretty:

The most recent decline showed a deepening of losses after a drop of some 23% the week prior compared to a year ago and a roughly 7% year-over-year drop for the week ending on April 9, soon after the boycott began, the data showed.

Meanwhile, sales of rival beers have surged. Sales of Coors Light jumped almost 23% over the week ending on May 13 compared to a year ago; while sales of Miller Lite climbed 21% over that period, the data showed.

Anheuser-Busch really made a huge mistake in going woke, because now they’re suffering from the “go broke” part of a famous Internet saying that gets hot on social media every time a brand does something terribly wrong – like support a man dressed as a woman instead of using a real woman for the job.

At some point the brands may learn their lesson when it hits their wallets and stock value.

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