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‘Trump Gang’: Black Americans rip Biden when asked about who they’ll support in 2024

A video has been posted online featuring several black voters disparaging President Joe Biden and his tenure as commander-in-chief.

The video, which was circulating on Twitter, shows several of them speaking out against his reelection bid at a critical juncture as former President Donald Trump’s popularity increases with the 2024 election cycle kicking off. (See Below)

In the clip, two men and a woman are asked whether they feel the president deserves a second term. “Absolutely not,” one man says. “He’s done nothing but destroy everything.”

“He’s letting all the immigrants in. He’s just a terrible guy. He doesn’t do anything. Kamala ain’t nowhere to be found. This whole presidency was a failure this year,” one of the men added.

A second man simply remarked, “Nah, Trump Gang” when he was asked for his opinion on Biden as president.

In another clip, a black woman who said she voted for Biden in 2020 said “F**k Biden” for a second term, adding he has let her down.

Despite their humorous nature, the spontaneous comments from individuals on the street are based on credible polling data, which reveals a significant decline in the approval ratings of the president among black Americans since assuming office.

This decline is noteworthy as it indicates a drop from 75 percent to 35 percent in support for President Biden among Black voters in 2020. It also holds significant implications for Democrats, as they heavily rely on robust turnout from urban communities, including black voters, to secure victory in crucial swing states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania.

In recent efforts to regain support from black Americans, the president has made several pandering gestures lately. During his speech at a commencement ceremony held at a historically black university, Biden emphasized that white supremacy poses the most significant threat to the American populace today, which is patently racist and false.

Additionally, another area where the president may seek to highlight his engagement is his appeal to the U.S. Census Bureau, urging them to include questions that inquire about the knowledge of slavery among black Americans regarding their ancestral backgrounds.

The appeal coincides with a renewed push for reparations, particularly in California, where a task force recently recommended that the state’s over two million black residents should receive a settlement of up to $3 trillion as restitution for the state’s complicity in 19th-century runaway slave laws.


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