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‘This is just not right’: Dad paid $21k for Taylor Swift show after original tickets never arrived

The ‘Swifties’ are a breed of their own and this story proves it! Taylor Swift tickets have been notoriously difficult to get and one dad paid $21k for several tickets after his original tickets never arrived! He was trying to take his family to the Taylor Swift show at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, but he found out at the last minute that the tickets he bought on StubHub fell through and were not showing up. So what’s a good dad to do? He splurged in the moment to keep his daughter happy, but it sure came at a price that most of us would not ever pay, let alone afford in this economy.

Anthony Silva purchased tickets through online ticket reseller StubHub for approximately $1,800 in November. He intended to gift them to his daughter for Christmas. However, the tickets were not delivered, and when Silva contacted StubHub, he was informed that alternative tickets were not available.

WCVB reported on the super expensive Taylor Swift ticket story, saying the following in a news article:

“This is just not right,” he said. “In my opinion, they should not wait until the day before for the tickets to be sent out by the re-seller.”

Silva said he switched to a different ticket re-seller and spent nearly $21,000 on four tickets.

Silva, who had also hired a limousine for the night, said he was determined to get the tickets for his daughter and her friends.

“We played a joke on them telling them yesterday, telling them the tickets were really gone, and the look on their faces I never want to see again. One girl had a quivering lip. I won’t tell you who,” Silva said.

Silva said StubHub is supposed to refund his original purchase price within 10 days.

Even with the refund of the original purchase, Silva is left with a gashing bill to pay for the $21k he spent on Taylor Swift tickets. This might be a present to his daughter, but it could have also been a year of mortgage payments for some people.

According to StubHub, they were able to secure alternative tickets for some customers whose original purchases fell through. Similarly, Ashley Hulme also bought Taylor Swift tickets through StubHub as a Christmas present for her daughter and friends. She spent nearly $1,570 on the tickets in November but did not receive them in her account. When she contacted StubHub, the company acknowledged that the original seller was unresponsive and not answering emails.

However, after NewsCenter 5 reached out to StubHub on Thursday, a company spokesperson stated that their customer service team had offered Hulme a “Hot Seat VIP Package” valued at $3,824 per ticket, free of charge.

Here’s a glimpse of Taylor Swift’s recent concert:

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