Another new survey shows former President Donald Trump crushing President Joe Biden in a head-to-head rematch.

According to the latest Harvard-Harris poll, there has been a notable surge in support for Trump, suggesting a good possibility of a 2024 election victory. The poll results portray Trump as a formidable and resilient candidate, showcasing a substantial lead over his Democratic competitors, despite ongoing legal concerns.

The poll reveals a remarkable surge in Trump’s popularity, as an astonishing 47% of respondents expressed unwavering support for the Republican leader, surpassing President Joe Biden. This represents a significant increase of 7% compared to previous surveys. In contrast, Biden finds himself trailing behind, with a mere 40% of respondents supporting him now.

The good news for Trump doesn’t end there, however.

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The poll also analyzed hypothetical matchups between Trump and other prominent Democrats, yielding similarly encouraging results for the former president. In a head-to-head matchup against Vice President Kamala Harris, Trump destroyed her 50-39 percent, the poll found.

Furthermore, the poll shed light on the increasing dissatisfaction among voters with the current state of affairs. Less than one-third of respondents expressed confidence that the country is on the right track, indicating a significant lack of faith in President Biden’s policies.

Alarmingly, two-thirds of participants voiced concerns about the trajectory of the U.S. economy, strongly believing that it is heading in the wrong direction.

The poll also drew attention to the concerning decline in the personal financial situations of many Americans. A striking 50% of voters expressed that their personal finances are deteriorating, emphasizing the urgency for a change in leadership to address and reverse course.

Trending Politics News noted further:

The poll also revealed that only 21% of respondents have faith in avoiding an impending recession. This lack of optimism about the nation’s economic future further strengthens the case for Trump’s return to the presidency, as he has proven himself as a capable leader in bolstering the economy and creating jobs.

Biden’s approval ratings have remained stagnant, barely exceeding 40% over the past several months. Meanwhile, GOP approval has dipped slightly to 47% this month, while the Democratic Party’s approval is tied with the Republicans at 47%. Congressional approval has experienced a modest uptick to 36%, indicating that the American people are still quite disillusioned with the current political establishment.

Although inflation remains a pressing issue for the country, the poll revealed a noteworthy increase in concerns regarding immigration and the national debt. The dramatic shift in public sentiment among these issues indicates a growing awareness of the potential adverse effects these issues can have on American society and the economy, the poll noted.

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