Friday, December 8

Beth Ailes, the widow of former Fox News boss Roger Ailes, had some interesting things to say about the way the network has been run lately during an interview on rival network Newsmax.

Ailes told Newsmax host — and former Fox News star — Eric Bolling that if her husband was still alive and running Fox, Tucker Carlson would still have a job there, and the network would still be the ratings king.

But he’s not, and it’s because of how founder Rupert Murdoch’s sons are now running things, meaning and they have no inkling about what their viewers really want.

“Not many people survived this kind of attacks that the Murdochs unleash on those that once brought them great fame and fortune. Once they have decided that you were ready to discard you. It’s quite unbelievable. I think Roger never expected Rupert to treat him in the way that he did. You know, he basically Soviet retconned Roger out of the history of FOX News” after Roger Ailes was forced out over various accusations by some women, Beth Ailes told Bolling.

Here’s more of their conversation:


ERIC BOLLING: The Murdochs, Rupert and the sons James and Lachlan assumed you mean are liberal? In the last couple of years since Rogers passing, the Murdochs have moved, and I believe it’s because the sons are taking a bigger role, have moved to the center and maybe even pushed left. You know it almost feels like they are trying to capture the CNN audience. What are your thoughts on that?

BETH AILES: My thoughts is that I go back to July of 2016. When events unfolded, and after 20 years of running the channel and turning it into a $20 billion asset, throwing off two billion in profits, that the sons Lachlan and James had decided that they wanted Roger gone. And Roger said to me these useless kids, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dumber, are going to ruin the channel and turn it into CNN. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

BOLLING: You know, Beth, we beat CNN three of the last four nights and it is because they don’t know that the liberal media is lost and FOX, for some reason wants to join that club, I can’t figure it out. You know a lot the recent success, lets be honest of this network of the show is when FOX fired Tucker Carlson, the audience said ‘ alright, that’s enough. We’re done with you FOX.’ Would Roger Ailes have fired Tucker Carlson?

AILES: No, he would have been very much involved in Tucker’s, how he was positioning his shows, just as he was with Bill O’Reilly whenever there was something controversial or something big came up. He was always very much in touch with the talent, never telling them what to do or how to say something. But rather how to keep everybody in their lane, if you will. I think that you know the greatness that Roger achieved, it speaks for itself.