Saturday, December 2

Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly addressed reports that Fox News was ready to shake up its prime-time lineup with a mix of old and new talent in those time slots after the network took Tucker Carlson off the air.

According to sources quoted by The Drudge Report:

FOXNEWS preparing to announce ambitious new schedule, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, a schedule where every hour of primetime will change! TOP SOURCE: ‘IT’S OUR BOLDEST AND MOST FEARLESS LINE-UP EVER’…

Drudge eventually updated that headline to note Hannity’s new gig as well as report both Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld would be heading to prime time, according to additional reports.

On her SiriusXM show on Wednesday, Kelly diagnosed the reported changes and declared that’s not what Fox needs to do to get its viewers back:


They need to do something. I will submit for the record, this isn’t it. This is not it. They need a voice like Tucker’s and even that’s probably not going to do it because the audience is very angry, and they miss Tucker. But Hannity is not the answer at 8pm… He hasn’t been the answer at 9pm lately since Tucker left. We’ve been following the ratings. They’re hemorrhaging at 8pm and 9pm, where currently Sean is in right now…

The four weeks prior to Tucker’s departure, he was averaging a 3.3 million in the overall. Now it’s less than half. They’re averaging 1.5 million, so less than half then what Tucker got. He was averaging 429,000 in the demo… They’re now pulling in 152,000 in that time slot and Hannity is not much better. He’s at 158,000 in the demo – down about half from 308,000. And his overall is down significantly too, all double digit falls. So the audience will have the last say on whether these are the solutions, but right now they’re still very, very angry at Fox News. And Fox hasn’t done much to assuage their concerns or make them feel better about firing their top star who remains under contract but silenced.