Friday, December 8

During Dan Bongino’s show on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump delved into the much-awaited Durham Report, providing insights into the concerning extent of subversive actions by elements within the “deep state.”

Trump fearlessly expressed his perspective, describing the unprecedented acts against his presidency as a blatant “coup.”

“I fired a lot of people, but the deep state goes deep,” Trump said, adding that his decision to dismiss James Comey, the former FBI Director, early on in his administration drew praise.

“I fired him very, very early, and it was a great firing. They were looking to do real bad,” he said.

Then he added: “This was a coup that they were looking at. These are sick people.”


Trump emphasized the imperative nature of dismantling the deep state’s influence, extending beyond a single location to encompass numerous institutions.

“I don’t know if you know, but we have a friend of [Mueller team member and lawyer Andrew] Weissman, a very good friend of Weissman, and this [Biden-appointed special counsel] Jack Smith and his wife hate Trump. They’ve campaigned against Trump,” the former president said.


Additionally, Trump voiced his frustration regarding the ongoing charade and drew attention to the existence of individuals embedded within government agencies. He mentioned both RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and radical left Democrats, commending Bongino for his commitment to combatting the radical left’s influence.

The current probes into him are “a continuation of the same hoax,” Trump said, urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to intervene swiftly, stating, “We have a hoax going on right now, and it should be stopped immediately.”