Friday, December 8

A US Attorney, who had connections to George Soros, has been compelled to resign due to an ethics scandal involving first lady Jill Biden, reports said on Wednesday.

Rachael Rollins, a prosecutor supported by Soros, has faced considerable scrutiny for her questionable judgment and partisan conduct.

According to an investigation report by the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General, Rollins attended a partisan political fundraiser featuring Jill Biden on July 14, 2022, despite receiving explicit advice from the staff of the Massachusetts United States Attorney’s Office (MA USAO).

The report says that Rollins had agreed to a plan in which she would meet with Jill Biden outside the event and refrain from entering the residence where the fundraiser was taking place.

However, Rollins disregarded the guidance provided and proceeded to engage with attendees, join the receiving line to meet Biden, and even participate in photo opportunities with event hosts, guests, and a U.S. Senator. The OIG said the actions directly violated the ethical standards that are expected from a US Attorney.


In addition, the report further claimed that Rollins attempted to shift blame onto her staff, stating, “Rollins’s efforts to blame her staff for her own ethics failures [are] deeply disturbing and contrary to her own independent responsibility as U.S. Attorney to hold herself to a high ethical standard and exercise sound judgment.”

This incident reveals a concerning lack of accountability and raises significant doubts about Rollins’ suitability for the position she holds, the OIG stated.


In another concerning incident, Rollins failed to recuse herself from a matter involving Kevin Hayden, the Suffolk District Attorney. Despite receiving a letter from a law professor requesting a federal investigation into potential improprieties committed by prosecutors in Hayden’s office, Rollins neglected to distance herself from the case.