There’s already evidence that Hunter Biden’s business associates repeatedly visited Joe Biden at his Washington offices while he was vice president – and even now as president.

But who visits Joe Biden while he’s on his regular weekend retreats to his Maryland luxury homes apparently is going to remain a secret – at least for now.

It’s because the Secret Service is refusing to provide any of that documentation, according to the New York Post.

It’s just the latest in a long list of government flip-flopping on the issue.

The bureaucrats first said there were no such records. Then they said they were reviewing thousands.

Now this.

The Post reported it had filed a Freedom of Information Action complaint regarding the lack of transparency on the part of the Biden administration, which had claimed it was being transparent by concealing the identities of those officials and others who meet with Biden in Delaware, not Washington.

The Secret Service, having said there were no records, and then that the responsive records were being reviewed, now claims the records cannot be released.

“President Biden pledged to have the most transparent administration in history but continues to hide information at every turn,” said House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer, R-Ky. “Given the Bidens’ influence peddling schemes and Joe Biden stashing classified documents for years, Americans need to know who has visited President Biden’s homes and properties.”

The government originally said no records existed of those visitors. Then, more recently, the Secret Service, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, refused a request by the Post for an expedited review, after saying thousands of papers were under review.

The latest response is a completely new iteration of the situation. Now the agenda says it cannot release the information, such as emails identifying visitors to Biden’s luxury homes in Delaware.

The Post reported the information could provide information on various scandals involving the president, such as who was in the home during a time when he had classified documents, apparently unsecured in boxes, in his garage.

“A FOIA officer cited a federal appeals court ruling in New York that in 2020 turned down a request for visitor information for former President Donald Trump’s residences, even though that ruling doesn’t bind the actions of officials in Delaware or in DC,” the report said.

The Secret Service refusal said, “Please be advised that emails reflecting visitors to President Biden’s residences in Wilmington, Delaware and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware are not agency records subject to the FOIA. See Doyle v. U.S. Dep’t of Homeland Sec., 959 F.3d 72 (2d Cir. 2020) (finding that emails regarding expected visitors to the sitting President’s residence were not agency records subject to the FOIA.).”

Last year, the Secret Service said in official responses “no records” were found of Biden’s Delaware visitors.

Then it changed its story, saying “no responsive records” were found, and later, that thousands of pages were being reviewed.

The Oversight Committee also has requested the same records.

Biden flees the White House and ends up in one of his luxury homes in Delaware almost every weekend, raising interest in who visits him there.

The Post said that interest increased “especially after evidence emerged that first son Hunter Biden took Mexican business associates to the vice presidential residence while Joe Biden was VP and brought his dad to a DC dinner with his Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstani associates.”

Further, Hunter Biden reportedly introduced his father to his business associates in multiple Chinese business ventures.

A special counsel now is reviewing whether anyone in the Biden family broke the law by mishandling classified government records.

This comes as Congress has released evidence showing that some $10 million was paid by foreign interests to Biden family members while Joe Biden was vice president. Critics wonder what the payments were for, since the family members provided no apparent goods or services for the millions.

That reporting by Congress only has increased the suspicions that the Bidens were running a profitable “pay-for-play” scheme selling access to Joe Biden for many years.

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