Friday, December 8

A newly-resurfaced 2017 interview between then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson and now-CNN host Kaitlin Collins has revealed that she once held far different views about Donald Trump, who had just been elected president a few months earlier.

At the time, Collins was working for the right-leaning Daily Caller, which Carlson co-founded in 2010 before selling his ownership stake and leaving in 2020. In the interview, she certainly provided a much different view of CNN, where she now works, and Trump, as well as the media in general.

“The press is throwing a royal tantrum because they can’t control what the country is talking about. For the last eight years, they’ve all decided what the question should be, and they’ve all gone in there and asked the same question. And now that they’re not being called on, they can’t control what the news is about, and it’s driving them crazy,” she said.

“But what president has not hated the press? We make their lives harder, and they all hate us. They may not all talk about it, but they definitely hate us. So but people are taking it really personally. And you shouldn’t take the president’s criticism personally. It shouldn’t affect your reporting,” she noted further.



“But you can tell when you read The New York Times and CNN that it does affect their reporting, and that’s not what should happen. I don’t take my cues from the president, I report on him. I don’t report to him,” Collins continued.

She added that the mainstream media stars covering the White House were upset because Trump “calls them up by their names, and they don’t like that. And then they get a lot of hate on Twitter, and then it makes them resent him, not for his policies and not for not following through on his campaign promises, but for who he is as a person. And that’s not your job. Your job is not to get your feelings hurt.”


In reference to her then-White House Press Corps colleagues, Collins added that Twitter “feeds their egos. They like to know how many people follow them, who’s praising them.”

Collins hosted last week’s town hall with Trump, an event that has received massive criticism, mostly from left-wing media personalities and politicians.

She has also adopted a mostly left-leaning approach to the news since joined CNN.