Friday, December 8

The 2024 GOP presidential primaries are coming into view and a reliable pollster has predicted the outcome.

A new survey conducted by Tipp Insights, known for its accurate polling during the 2022 midterm elections, indicates that former President Trump maintains a significant lead over other Republican contenders, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The online poll, carried out between May 3-5, gathered responses from 703 Democrats or individuals leaning left, as well as 469 Republicans and those leaning Republican. Participants were asked about their preferred candidate in their respective primary races.

Continuing the trend observed in other recent polls, former Trump maintains a commanding lead with 55% of respondents expressing support for him. This marks a notable increase from the 47% support he received in April, indicating a significant surge in backing, despite the recent indictment of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.


Meanwhile, DeSantis received support from 17% of GOP respondents, a decline from the 23% he received in April, placing him in the teens in terms of popularity. It should be noted, however, that DeSantis has yet to announce he is running and, as such, has not begun a national campaign push.

Among the Democrats, President Joe Biden retained the highest level of support, with 39% of respondents expressing their preference for him.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a two-time presidential candidate, emerged as his closest competitor with 9% support. Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris received equal levels of support at 7% each, following behind in the race.


That’s notably different than surveys earlier this month that put Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who declared he would run against Biden for the primary last month, at 19 percent support.

The surge in support for former President Trump, as observed in the Tipp Insights poll, aligns with the trends seen in various state and national surveys. A recent poll conducted by Emerson College in Kentucky revealed that Trump held a significant 39-point lead over DeSantis.

Furthermore, Trump’s overall support increased by 17 percentage points between April and May, as indicated by the poll. Similar patterns of increased support have been observed in states such as Iowa, North Carolina, and Florida, among others.