Friday, December 8

American fast food chains may have some explaining to do following a revealing study that found some of them use disturbing ingredients in their chicken products to extend their shelf lives and save money.

An investigative report by the Daily Mail has revealed that certain fast food chains in the United States utilize artificial flavorings and additives. The investigation uncovered the presence of over 120 different ingredients concealed within chicken burgers and nuggets offered by these fast food chains.

The study discovered that certain poultry-based food items, marketed as “premium” or “all-white-meat,” actually contain fillers such as seaweed, beef, and even wood pulp. Additionally, several poultry products were found to contain soy and other allergens that can potentially cause severe issues for individuals with allergies.

The report added:


The enduringly popular McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets have been the center of controversy in the past – after a now-debunked video emerged in 2010 of ‘pink slime’ supposedly going into the nuggets at a factory.

The brand worked hard to dispel this myth, but the treats are still not made from 100 percent chicken meat.

The nuggets do contain white boneless chicken, but they are also full of several types of flour, flavorings, spices, acid, yeast extract, dextrose and lemon juice solids.


In the patty of the Wendy’s classic chicken sandwich, only 56 percent of the meat is chicken breast.

The other 44 percent is a mixture of water, wheat flour, starch, acids, spices and flavor powders. It also includes fully refined soybean oil, raising agent and more unusual ingredients such a dehydrated chicken powder and smoke flavoring.

The patty, bun and mayonnaise include over five allergens, so it’s worth checking the recipe before you tuck in if you have any allergies.

Carl’s Jr. 

Carl’s Jr nuggets are set apart from the other offerings on the market with their distinctive star shape.

They also include some more unusual ingredients – namely ‘chicken type flavor’ – according to The Daily Meal.

The outlet reports that the nuggets include beef flavor, which has three different types of protein in it (from hydrolyzed soy, wheat, and corn protein) and beef fat.

As for the spicy chicken sandwich, it reportedly contains ‘isolated oat product’ in its patty, and microcrystalline cellulose in its bun – which is a refined wood pulp.


The chain has faced criticism in the past, with claims that some of its chicken products were made from non-chicken material. Subway responded to the claims, saying its ‘Oven Roasted Chicken and chicken strips are made from 100 percent all white meat chicken.’

However its products certainly aren’t made from chicken alone. Its oven-roasted chicken also contains flavorings, potato starch and carrageenan.

Other chains mentioned in the study were Jack In The Box, Whataburger, Burger King, Domino’s, Arby’s, and Dairy Queen, among others.