Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is facing criticism from the right following his controversial comments about former President Donald Trump.

In a tweet, Christie accused Trump of being “Putin’s puppet” for purportedly not expressing support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

However, Christie’s remarks faced immediate backlash from critics who accused him of promoting “BS progressive talking points.”

One prominent critic was Sean Parnell, a decorated veteran and Republican, who strongly criticized Christie in a scathing tweet. Parnell deemed Christie’s comments as “ridiculous” and accused him of spreading false narratives about Trump.

“How ridiculous. Trump said he wanted to end the war. He said he wanted to stop all of the death and destruction. That doesn’t make him or anyone ‘Putin’s puppet’. Stop using BS progressive talking points,” Parnell tweeted.

During CNN’s town hall event last night, Trump actually said: “I want everybody to stop dying, they’re dying, Russians and Ukrainians. And I’ll have that done in 24 hours, I’ll have it done. You need the power of the presidency to do it.”

Other critics roasted the failed 2016 GOP presidential contender too.

Country star John Rich destroyed Christie: “Unlike you, he wants it to END. Conservatives are awake to all of you warmongering RINO’s and none of you are going to win again.”

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