While stolen bases in baseball can bring great fame to players, it can also result in injuries or pain if things don’t go as planned.

An excellent example of this is Detroit Tigers outfielder Akil Baddoo.

During a game between the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Guardians, in the top of the second inning, Cleveland’s pitcher Tanner Bibee walked Akil Baddoo with one out on the board. Shortly after, Baddoo attempted to steal second base while Miguel Cabrera was up to bat.

As soon as Cabrera took the pitch, Cleveland catcher Mike Zunino stood up and hurled the ball at second base, successfully catching Baddoo in an attempt to steal.

Um, but, the throw came in an awkward and painful manner.

During Baddoo’s slide, Zunino’s throw hit him directly in the groin area. To make matters worse, the ball bounced off Baddoo’s groin and landed in the glove of Cleveland’s second baseman Andrés Giménez, resulting in Baddoo being tagged out.

What’s funny, even Cleveland’s social media account didn’t really know how to describe what happened.


Well, we all know that professional sports are not the safest jobs in the world, but sometimes it takes an incident like this one to remind us just how much being so successful in a sport…can hurt.

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