Kari Lake is a ball of fire 24/7/365.

In an interview with Piers Morgan on Monday, former news anchor Kari Lake criticized Fox News, accusing them of promoting a “globalist agenda.” The interview grew heated as Lake defended her stance on gun control and Second Amendment rights.

Morgan mentioned recent polls that demonstrated widespread support for tougher gun control measures, such as mental health evaluations and background checks:

“87% of Americans back stricter background checks. 81% agree the legal age to buy a gun should be raised to 21. 80% agree that anyone who buys a gun should go through a mental health assessment. 80% want police to take guns from people who consider them a danger to themselves. 77% want a 30 day waiting period for all gun purchases,” he quoted.

But Lake was not swayed by the poll numbers. “Fox News is a globalist network pushing a globalist agenda and the globalists want to make sure,” she retorted.

“Fox News is watched by a lot of gun owners,” Morgan observed.

“Fox News is a globalist network run by globalists who want to bring down our constitution and take away our second amendment,” Lake responded.

“So everybody who took part in that independent poll is a globalist?” Morgan asked incredulously.

“No, but Fox News is a globalist network. Let’s just face it, we all know the truth here,” Lake said.

Morgan, however, defended Fox News as the biggest conservative network in the country. “I don’t think Fox News is a globalist network. It’s the biggest conservative network in the country,” he argued.


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Despite the disagreement over gun control, Lake’s criticism of Fox News has found support among many conservatives. The network has faced growing criticism from those who believe it has moved away from its conservative principles and instead focused on appealing to a wider, more mainstream audience, which led to the ouster of Tucker Carlson, they believe.

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