On Friday afternoon, CNN unveiled previously unreleased footage of former President Donald Trump being deposed in the ongoing lawsuit filed against him by E. Jean Carroll, who has accused him of sexually assaulting her at a Bergdorf’s department store several years ago.

Trump defended himself against the allegations by stating that he would never have approached Carroll, citing that “She’s not my type.”

He also vehemently condemned rape, acknowledging it as a heinous crime.

“[S]he’s not my type. Yeah, because it’s not politically correct to say it, and I know that, but I’ll say it anyway. She’s accusing me of rape. A woman that I have no idea who she is. It came out of the blue,” Trump says in one of the clips.

“She’s accusing me of rape, of raping her. The worst thing you can do, the worst charge, and you know it’s not true too,” he continued.

Trump then blasted Carroll’s lawyer.

“You’re a political operative also. You’re a disgrace. But she’s accusing me, and so are you, of rape. And it never took place. And I will tell you, I made that statement and I said, well, it’s politically incorrect. She’s not my type. And that’s 100% true. She’s not my type,” he said.


Trump also explained to the lawyer questioning him that she is not his “type” either.

During another part of the deposition, Trump once again refuted the allegations, describing Carroll’s account of events as a “ridiculous” and “made up” story.

He emphasized that if a woman was raped in a dressing room on a busy floor of a department store, it would have been reported by any of the numerous people in close proximity.

Here is the full deposition:

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