Friday, December 8

The Democratic Party’s dramatic lurch to the left is continuing unabated in a growing portion of the country.

Originally published at WND News Center. Used with permission.

A Democrat member of the Denver city council, who is described online as being affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America, says she wants to tax the white owners of businesses all across the city and give the money to black and brown owners of businesses.

The scheme, condemned online as totally “racist,” comes from Candi CdeBaca, who has been on the council since 2019.

She is making a political speech, apparently campaigning for more time in office.


Among her charges: “Capitalism was built on stolen land stolen labor and stolen resources.”

She claims a “check today could not undo the cumulative impact of generations of that stolen wealth in all those categories…”

So, she suggests repurposing a structure that already is in place – taxation.


“Part of what has catalyzed that exponential decimation of black businesses in the Five Points BID, Business Improvement District, which further steals from the community through taxation,” she said.

“And I think there’s a model that could be redistributive. Instead of a BID collecting extra taxation from black and brown businesses that are struggling you could be collecting those extra taxes from white-led businesses all over the city and redistributing them to black and brown owned businesses.”

She also referenced the need for reparations and complained that black and brown people were not in charge – as in owning – sources of basic needs, such as water systems, which seldom are privately owned.

And those paycheck handout programs some cities are trying?

Those checks need to be for “prosperous wages,” not just “welfare wages,” she charged.


Online comments reached the bottom line almost instantly.

“Can I identify as black?” said one, with another adding, “Some solution, all business owners identity as black.”

An editorial comment coming from Twitchy was, “It’s as if Lefty, blue cities can’t destroy themselves fast enough. Watch this video of an actual sitting member of the Denver City Council, Candi CdeBaca, pushing to tax white business owners more and then distributing those taxes to black business owners. Because you know, that’s not racist AF or anything.”