Friday, December 8

It’s well known that former President Donald Trump and the mainstream media, which leans to the left and spent four years trying to destroy his presidency, do not get along very well.

It’s actually kind of a love-hate relationship as far as the media goes; they love to hate on the guy, but they love to love on the fact that he brings them eyeballs and gets them good ratings.

Still, that said, the media and Trump are like oil and water for the most part — they just don’t mix well.

Until now, that is.

Seems like media outlets and Trump have a common enemy of sorts for a change in Manhattan DA Alvin Brown, who is trying everything he can to limit public access to the evidence that he plans to present, thin as it is, during Trump’s hush-money trial.


Trump’s legal team is arguing against that, and he has signed onto a motion filed by several media outlets to block Bragg from doing so as well.

NBC News reports:

Donald Trump has joined media organizations to argue against the Manhattan district attorney’s effort to limit the public availability of evidence shared with the former president‘s attorneys in the lead-up to next year’s hush money trial.

A news coalition that includes NBC News sent a letter Monday arguing against a protective order proposed by District Attorney Alvin Bragg to restrict how evidence can be used before trial, including possibly sealing or redacting certain items.

Trump signed on to the letter Tuesday, his attorneys said.

Citing the letter, Trump’s lawyers said they also opposed “requiring the advance sealing or redaction of court filings or their exhibits in this case.”

“We similarly oppose any Order which would require any Party to seek consent from the opposing party before filing any motion in unredacted form on the public docket,” Susan Necheles, Joe Tacopina and Todd Blanche wrote to New York state Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing the trial.


Getting Trump and the mainstream media on the same page is not likely to be the last odd thing we’ll see during the upcoming 2024 presidential nomination cycle. After all, the GOP debates begin in August, and Trump has already signaled his disapproval.