Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is known for her straightforward, no-holds-barred style, blistered Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch on social media this week after news that the network took its top-rated host, Tucker Carlson, off the air.

But more than that, the feisty Georgia Republican also ‘advised’ Murdoch on how best to move forward in a way that is fair and equitable for Carlson.

Greene said: “There has been a huge backlash against Fox News. Pretty much everyone I know has canceled their Fox News app. They’ve taken it off their phone. They’ve canceled their Fox Nation subscription and they’ve said they’re walking away from Fox News.

“And I don’t blame those Americans one single bit. Tucker Carlson on his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight and on his show on Fox Nation, has been covering the news stories that Americans desperately want to hear,” she added. “Because we don’t hear them largely from the left-biased mainstream media in this country.

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“And this is Tucker Carlson, he is someone that will come back around. But Fox News needs to do the right thing and work with Tucker Carlson and not keep his mouth shut with duct tape,” Greene continued.

“They need to let him go and let him out of his contract. So that he can do his show and go on to bigger and better things. And we look forward to seeing him come back,” she said.

Carlson earns over $20 million a year. His contract runs through 2024. Fox News’ competitors have already made Tucker offers.

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