Two more hosts at Fox News have reportedly voiced concerns to people close to them that they believe they are next on the chopping block after the network ousted top talent Tucker Carlson a week ago.

According to Rolling Stone, sources within the network have reported that Jeanine Pirro and Maria Bartiromo have confided to colleagues and friends about their concerns that they could be the next ones to be fired.

“According to people with knowledge of the matter, executives have recently held high-level discussions about Fox Business host Bartiromo’s future at the company. In recent years, the host became a mouthpiece for Trump, propping up conspiracy theories and peddling lies about the 2020 election,” the magazine reported.

“Those falsehoods found their way into a Dominion Voting Systems filing in the company’s mega-lawsuit against Fox. The filing pointed to Bartiromo’s Nov. 8 interview with Trump-aligned attorney, Sidney Powell, to discuss ‘voting irregularities’ — on-air programming that contrasted sharply with the host’s Dominion deposition statements, in which Bartiromo said the email underpinning Powell’s claims was ‘nonsense,'” the report added.

One source familiar with the matter said that Pirro, who has been a vocal supporter of former President Trump and whose claims about election fraud were referenced by Dominion in their legal filings, has also been expressing concerns to close associates about the possibility of being fired, according to the report.

“It’s not just hosts who are anxious. Other sources at and close to the network say that, in the wake of Carlson’s ouster, some Fox brass have grilled certain staff about whether they or their teams had recently blabbed to the press about Carlson’s abrupt dismissal,” Rolling Stone added.

Carlson was fired a week ago. Reports said the firing caught him completely off-guard as he and his staff were literally preparing for Monday’s program when he got a call from CEO Suzanne Scott informing him that his show had been pulled.

To get an idea of exactly the kind of cultural powerhouse Carlson is, one need only look at a recent video he posted online shortly after Fox News took his show away.

Carlson posted a roughly two-minute video to Twitter to explain a bit about what was going on and what may be coming in his future:

If you take a closer look, you’ll see something amazing: The video has been viewed more than 79 million times.

Carlson had more views on his first Twitter monologue on Wednesday than all cable news shows for the entire day combined. All of the cable news shows combined had 53.1 million views.

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