Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News, and his son Lachlan had two undisclosed meetings with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy before the network fired Tucker Carlson, who is known for his criticism of U.S. aid to Ukraine, according to news site Semafor.

The meetings and separate calls were reportedly held to discuss the ongoing war and the death of a Fox journalist in the country. While Zelenskyy did not mention Carlson during the calls, some of his top deputies have criticized the host in the past.

There has been speculation that some of Carlson’s views on foreign policy, particularly regarding Ukraine and U.S. business ties with China, may have caused friction with the Murdoch family, leading to his firing.

Many in the anti-war wing of the GOP, including former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, continue to support Carlson. In fact, Carlson previously sent a questionnaire to all GOP presidential candidates on this subject, the report said.

In an op-ed, Carlson highlighted the continuous flow of funds to Ukraine as it continues its war against Russia, which has now entered its second year. He also pointed out the shifting criteria for measuring success in the conflict.

Carlson’s stance on foreign policy has attracted Republicans who are disillusioned with neoconservative approaches in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq, and who seek a more balanced view on foreign affairs.

Since his departure, Fox has experienced a significant drop in viewership during its primetime slot at 8 p.m. Tucker Carlson, who previously drew in a nightly audience of three million viewers, continues to be a powerful predictor of success for GOP candidates vying for the presidency in the upcoming election.

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