Friday, December 8

A top-ranking Biden administration official has been accused by a Republican lawmaker of lying under oath to Congress, which is a felony.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken allegedly lied to Congress regarding his communication with President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The senator’s claim follows a new report disclosing emails sent between Blinken and Biden in 2015.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) plans to release the transcript from a December 2020 interview in which Blinken reportedly stated that such communication never occurred.

“Now, because of more information that’s come out, we know that he lied bold-faced to Congress about never e-mailing Hunter Biden,” Johnson said during an appearance on Fox News, noting it’s a crime that could warrant up to five years in prison.

“My guess is, he told a bunch of other lies, that, hopefully, we will be able to bring him and his wife back in, tell them to preserve their records,” he added during an interview with “Sunday Morning Futures” anchor Maria Bartiromo.


“You cannot trust Joe Biden. You cannot trust Hunter Biden. You can’t trust the Biden family. You can’t trust so many of the people that they have surrounded themselves with,” Johnson, who has been investigating alleged Biden family corruption for years, added.



Last week, Fox News reported on emails exchanged between Blinken and Hunter Biden in 2015 when Blinken was serving as deputy secretary of state, discussing a meeting schedule.

The report also revealed emails from 2010 and 2011 between Blinken’s wife, Evan Ryan, who has held positions in the State Department and White House, and Hunter Biden, as well as Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner, Eric Schwerin.

In a recent exchange, a reporter questioned Deputy Press Secretary Vedant Patel if Blinken denied the allegations of his involvement in prompting a statement signed by 51 intelligence veterans in October 2020, which suggested that the Hunter Biden laptop story might be part of a Russian disinformation operation. The report also inquired if Blinken intends to respond to a GOP letter, which has a deadline of May 4.

“That is not a State Department issue, so I don’t have a comment for you on that,” Patel said.

Asked who reporters interested in the story should contact if not the State Department, Patel simply responded: “It is not a State Department issue, and I don’t really have a comment on this from the State Department.”

Johnson said Blinken ought to be issued a subpoena to testify again.

“We need to get to the bottom of this. We need to show how corrupt these individuals are,” Johnson said.