Former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, in his last monologue, alleged that the Biden administration has hatched a plan to eliminate suburbs in an attempt to transform them.

Carlson claims that Democrats have come to the realization that they no longer need to persuade voters to vote for them. Rather, they need to import enough people from other countries who are financially dependent on them to win elections.

In his remarks, Carlson highlighted the significance of suburban voters in electing school boards, state legislators, and members of Congress, which he suggests is the reason why the Democrats are focused on them. Carlson specifically referenced the HOME Act, a proposed legislation that would enable the federal government to withhold funds from local governments unless they incorporate high-density zoning into suburbs.

“This lack of diversity can introduce both conscious and unconscious biases that make home appraisals less accurate and less fair. Our administration will now require those who conduct appraisals for federal programs must take part in anti-bias, fair housing, and fair lending training,” Vice President Kamala Harris said in a clip he showed.


Carlson mentioned Marcia Fudge, the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), who alleged that home appraisers are racist and responsible for African Americans losing significant wealth through the appraisal process. Carlson criticized Fudge’s anecdotal evidence, arguing that there is no factual basis to support her claims.

Carlson went on to ridicule the administration’s proposed solution, saying, “We’re just gonna brainwash the home appraisers,” he said.

“If you wanted more black home appraisers, why wouldn’t you start a program to train them? The only job training program this administration’s gotten behind in two and a half years is getting black people to smoke more weed in the cities,” he said.

Last week, President Biden signed another executive order which has been described as the initiation of a “social credit system.” The order is named “Revitalizing Our Nation’s Commitment to Environmental Justice for All” and aims to tackle environmental disparities that impact communities of color, low-income communities, and indigenous communities.

The order also establishes a new subcommittee for Environmental Justice and an Office of Environmental Justice within the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Carlson ended the segment by warning his viewers that if they want to keep their suburban way of life, they need to fight back against the Biden administration’s “credit score” plots. “They still plan to change the suburbs forever by getting rid of them,” he said. “If you want to keep your way of life, you need to fight back now.”

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