Friday, December 8

Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly, the host of a top-rated SiriusXM podcast of her own, explained to her audience what she sees happening next in the wake of Tucker Carlson’s firing.

Calling Fox’s decision a “terrible move,” Kelly predicted that Carlson would land on his feet and be just fine while Fox would suffer from audience fallout.

“This is a terrible move by Fox and it’s a great thing for Tucker Carlson. I don’t know what drove Fox News to make this decision, and it was clearly Fox News’s decision because they’re not letting him say goodbye,” Kelly said. “That’s my supposition. That’s not inside knowledge.”

“The irony here is that — how did they get in trouble with Dominion? They called Arizona too soon, felt their critics, and ultimately that proved to be the case. They were under pressure by their audience to reverse the call,” she said.

“The audience started to leave them in droves because they felt betrayed. Like they didn’t understand the mission of Fox News, which is to be fair to especially the Republicans who don’t get a fair shake on other channels. And they went into a panic as their audience started to flee,” she said.


“Then they over-corrected by covering the bullshit claims about Dominion as though they were plausible and gave way too much credence to some of those claims on the air,” she explained.

She went on to argue that Carlson had practically nothing to do with the Dominion Voting Systems case or the monster defamation settlement the company won last week in a settlement with Fox.

“He was not the reason for that 800 million settlement. So what do they do now in the wake of that settlement? They get rid of Tucker. Talk about misjudging your audience yet again,” Kelly said.


Kelly then discussed Carlson’s popularity on the network.

“I think this is a massive error. I think this is a massive misjudgment of what their audience wants. If you are — this is a reaction to the Dominion lawsuit — Why is Maria Bartiromo there? Why is Jeanine Pirro still there? Why is [CEO] Suzanne Scott still there? The CEO of Fox News. She got them in far more trouble with her executive emails about Dominion and the audience than anything Tucker did behind the scenes.”

“I realize that the left hates Tucker’s guts, I get that this is a joyful day for them, but internally at Fox, they always had that gauge, at least under Roger Ailes, of how to ignore those critics and do what was right for its critics and the audience, and the truth,” she continued.

“…This is an extraordinary move for a channel that appears to be very worried about its audience,” Kelly concluded.