Saturday, December 2

During a chance encounter with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Scarborough and his wife Mika Brzezinski at the West Palm Beach, Fla., airport, 2022 Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake issued a challenge to them.

In an interview with “War Room” host Steve Bannon, Lake said, “I just wanted to introduce myself because you guys spend an awful lot of time badmouthing me on your show. And I just wanted to, you know, put the human being behind the face that you guys kind of go after.”

She added: “But I just said, Look, you know, I’m the human being behind the person. You guys like to bash 24-seven, and that’s okay. But I just wanted to introduce myself.”

Lake then noticed that Brzezinski was covertly recording the encounter on her cellphone.

“I said, ‘Are you recording me?’” Lake said she asked in her interview with Bannon.


Lake said Scarborough told his wife, “Don’t do that.” She added: “He was a little bit perturbed that she was recording.”

She told Bannon that Scarborough was actually nice, but that Brzezinski was cold and off-putting.


“Well, you’re a liar, and you’re an election denier,” Lake said Brzezinksi or one of her handlers said.

Lake then issued a challenge of sorts via Twitter: “Ran into Joe & Mika from @MSNBC at the airport.@joenbc was fairly nice, but his wife @morningmika started recording me, called me a ‘Liar’ & said I was ‘Delusional’ They constantly lie & disparage me on National TV. I wonder if they’d be brave enough to have me on their show?”