Republicans have blamed local Democratic leaders for exacerbating the homeless situation in the cities they run, but it will be the GOP that fixes the problem if former President Donald Trump has anything to say about it.

Former President Donald Trump has announced a comprehensive proposal to tackle the problem of homelessness in American cities, stating that some of the country’s “once great” metropolises have turned into unsanitary and uninhabitable nightmares.

In a newly-posted installment of the Trump team’s “Agenda 47,” the leading Republican presidential contender stated, “Our once-great cities have become unlivable, unsanitary nightmares, surrendered to the homeless, the drug-addicted, and the violent and dangerously deranged. We’re making many suffer for the whims of a deeply unwell few.”

Trump argued that Americans should not be forced to navigate around piles of waste and needles on their way down a street in a previously stunning city that has undergone significant changes in the past decade. He contended that the homeless have no right to convert every park and sidewalk into their personal spaces for drug use and squatting.

As Trump eyes a potential return to the White House, he emphasized that his foremost priority would be the protection and well-being of diligent, law-abiding citizens who are responsible for the proper functioning of society. He said he intends to employ every available measure, authority, and strategy to remove the homeless from the streets.

“We want to take care of them, but they have to be off our streets,” Trump noted. “There is nothing compassionate about letting these individuals live in filth and squalor rather than getting them the help that they need. We need professionals to help them.”

Trump outlined his intention to prohibit urban camping in locations where it is feasible and to apprehend those who breach these prohibitions. Nevertheless, lawbreakers will have the opportunity to receive therapy and resources if they are willing to accept rehabilitation.

For those who require assistance, Trump intends to make available significant portions of low-cost land and recruit doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, and substance abuse rehabilitation specialists to develop ten cities where the homeless can relocate and have their issues identified, he said.


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