Friday, December 8

More details regarding Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop have been revealed.

Originally published by WND News Service. Used with permission.

A coalition of America’s national security experts colluded in a letter during the 2020 presidential election that claimed, without evidence, that the Biden family scandals detailed in a laptop computer abandoned at a repair shop by Hunter Biden was all “Russian disinformation.”

Now a new report explains that letter actually was closer to “election interference.”

The laptop contained information about drug use and prostitutes linked to Hunter Biden. He openly worried about being targeted because of ANOTHER laptop that apparently was stolen from him. The drive revealed deals with Biden family fans in Russia and China, and the transfer of millions of dollars.


Government officials at the time schemed with social media companies to suppress the information, and those actions likely changed the outcome of the 2020 vote.

It was a Media Research Center poll after the fact that showed that had that information been routinely reported, voter support for Joe Biden likely would have fallen to the point he would have lost multiple swing state fights, and the election.

One of the components of the disinformation campaign that was used against the evidence in the laptop was a letter signed by dozens of current or former government officials claiming that it had the hallmarks of being Russian disinformation.


Now Just the News is reporting that an ongoing investigation by Congress reveals “ties” between the Biden campaign that year and that letter.

“Congressional investigators led by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan have developed the first evidence that a letter from security experts that falsely dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation during the 2020 election had ties to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign,” Just the News reported.

Jordan explained that he expects a report will be released by his House panel on the Democrats’ “weaponization of government” within weeks that will detail evidence “and the players behind the letter.”

“Many Republicans now say (the letter) was a consequential interference in the last presidential election,” the report said.

Jordan, in an interview with John Solomon Reports, said, “It was all done with politics, and it looks like there was some real connections with the Biden campaign.”

He said he couldn’t be more specific on the issue at this point, as more witnesses are being interviewed at the present time.

Solomon wrote, “For most of the last two years, the letter from 51 national security officials has been portrayed as an organic effort from the intelligence community to raise concerns that the emergence of Hunter Biden’s laptop in fall 2020 could be tied to a foreign power. The laptop has since been proven authentic, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has said it did not involve a foreign disinformation campaign.”

But before that debunking, he explained, the letter was used to censor accurate reporting by several outlets.

Jordan, President Donald Trump and others have described that scheme as a very real interference in the 2020 presidential election – as the intent was to keep voters from understanding “influence peddling allegations” linked to the Bidens.

Jordan cited information from “Two former CIA officials from the Obama era: former acting Director Mike Morrell and Nick Shapiro, a former adviser to ex-Director John Brennan.”

He said, “It seems to me that one of the key players here was Michael Morell, that he was one kind of coordinating this, working this together. And then there are a few other folks. We have talked to Nick Shapiro. Mr. Shapiro, I think, was the one kind of coordinating the outreach to the legacy media and how they wanted this story presented.”