Friday, December 8

In a recent interview with Fox News, Kevin O’Leary, an investor and television personality, openly criticized liberal policy makers without any hesitation.

Despite acknowledging the energetic atmosphere and diverse population of cities such as New York, O’Leary expressed reluctance to invest his capital there.

“The problem is when you ask me would I invest capital here?” O’ Leary asked. “No. And if I don’t want to put my money here, those jobs are going somewhere else. And I’m just one investor.

“I’m very vocal about this because I think it’s important to talk about it,” he added.

Despite receiving criticism for his opinions, O’Leary has persisted in speaking out against policies in blue states and cities, contending that they do not incentivize success.


O’Leary went on to single out blue cities and states like San Francisco, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, and rhetorically asked why so many people are leaving these areas.

“Why are we losing 1,200 wealthy individuals a day to Miami Beach? They move out of New York,” he said, adding that those who choose to stay are paying for it in terms of higher costs for everything, including taxes.

“There’s no more place for guys from New York in Miami. I live there. There’s no more apartments for them. They keep pouring into the state to escape the brutality of the policy in their home states,” he added.


According to O’Leary, it is crucial for policy makers to focus on building a pro-business environment that can lure investors and young families, irrespective of their political affiliations.