Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) took Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) apart after he appeared to question her patriotism following a Twitter post regarding the leak of classified Pentagon intelligence.

The two went back and forth on Twitter in the wake of the FBI’s arrest of Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira on Thursday, charging him with major violations of laws forbidding the unauthorized release of classified information.

Swalwell suggested that Greene was being traitorous because she said the American people had a right to know the information that was released because it appears to show that the Biden administration has not been honest about its involvement in Ukraine and elsewhere.

“The Biden Admin and Pentagon have been caught lying about the war they are funding and fighting against Russia in Ukraine, but they are in full spin mode blaming low level 21 yr old National Guardsman, Jake Teixeira, while they are ginning up full government censorship,” she began on social media.

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“While yes, leaking classified documents is serious, many are calling Jake Teixeira a hero for pulling back the flimsy transparent curtain and revealing what we suspected all along. Criticism about who can be trusted with national intelligence need to ask themselves that question again,” she continued.

“Who do you trust with critical information that affects the safety of our nation and our very own lives? Those that know the information yet stay silent and continue to unconstitutionally engage in a war, risking killing us all in WWIII, but do nothing to stop it or correct the wrongs? Do you truly trust the government that much?” the Georgia Republican asked.

“iIt’s to keep you safe,’ they say. I’m very glad Republicans on the Foreign Affairs Committee passed my Resolution to audit Ukraine. Jake Teixeira is white, male, christian, and antiwar. That makes him an enemy to the Biden regime,” she said.

“And he told the truth about troops being on the ground in Ukraine and a lot more. Ask yourself who is the real enemy? A young low-level national guardsmen? Or the administration that is waging war in Ukraine, a non-NATO nation, against nuclear Russia without war powers?”

Swalwell responded: “McCarthy’s top lieutenant is siding with one of the biggest traitors America has seen. I’m sorry, Marge, being white, male, and Christian is not license to betray your country and put the lives of thousands at risk. But this wouldn’t be the first time she sided with traitors,” he wrote.

Greene didn’t hesitate to fire back: “Funny thing for an elected Member of Congress to say that had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy while serving on the Intel Committee. Do you miss her? Is that why you constantly make it so easy to dunk on you?”

According to Fox News:

Beginning in 2014, Fang, a Chinese national and suspected Chinese spy, worked to develop “close ties” to Swalwell’s office, according to Axios.

Intelligence officials told the news outlet that Fang allegedly was part of Swalwell’s fundraising effort for his 2014 reelection campaign, however she didn’t make donations.

According to the report, Fang interacted with Swalwell a number of times over several years and placed an intern in the Congressman’s office.

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