Following a week of significant fundraising and a surge of support following what he considers a baseless indictment, Donald Trump immediately began attacking New York Attorney General Letitia James ahead of her deposition scheduled for Thursday in a $250-million business fraud lawsuit that the progressive prosecutor has been pursuing for nearly four years.

Trump’s arrival in New York City follows his arraignment last week in what he views as a politically motivated case brought by Soros-bought D.A. Alvin Bragg. On Thursday, James is set to question Trump for the second time as part of her lawsuit against him and the Trump Organization.

The lawsuit accuses them of misleading banks and investors by overstating the value of properties associated with the Trump name, said HeadlineUSA.

Aside from seeking $250 million in damages, James is also seeking to permanently prohibit Trump from operating a business in New York and to ban both him and the Trump Organization from purchasing commercial real estate in New York for a period of five years.

As his Thursday deposition approached, Trump took to his Truth Social platform to rip James, accusing her of carrying out the dirty work of the Biden administration and their ongoing efforts to weaponize the justice system.

He also gave her a new nickname: “Peekaboo.”

“The good thing about the A.G. Peekaboo James ‘persecution’ is that I will finally be able to show what a great, profitable, and valuable company I built, actually, some of the greatest real estate assets anywhere in the world,” Trump wrote.

“Her effort, in strict coordination and association with the lying, Country killing scum ‘working’ in the White House, and now discredited District Attorney Alvin Bragg, will prove to be FAKE, and even fraudulent. Her only hope is that she ‘shopped’ a judge as bad as her!”

Similar to his previous deposition with James in 2021, Trump is expected to exercise his Fifth Amendment right and decline to answer questions. In his previous deposition, he invoked the Fifth Amendment more than 400 times and showed no remorse for doing so.

“Anyone in my position not taking the Fifth Amendment would be a fool, an absolute fool,” Trump said in the session.

“One statement or answer that is ever so slightly off, just ever so slightly, by accident, by mistake, such as it was a sunny, beautiful day, when actually it was slightly overcast, would be met by law enforcement at a level seldom seen in this country, because I’ve experienced it,” he added.

Trump expected more of the same from James.

“The A.G. case should be tried in front of the Commercial Division, not in front of a highly partisan, Trump Hating Judge who was sought out, or ‘shopped,’ by Peekaboo James,” he posted online.

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