Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany took President Joe Biden and his administration to task on Thursday following reports involving the FBI.

The “Outnumbered” co-host sent a stern warning to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for recommending no jail time for a vandal who confessed to defacing a Catholic Church in Bellevue, Washington. The vandal also assaulted a victim and resisted arrest during the incident.

McEnany accused the Biden administration of displaying an “overt anti-Christian bias” as it has taken action against pro-life protesters.

“Viewers can do math. The American people can do math. When you have an administration that won’t use the word Christian, when six Christians are murdered, when you have an administration whose FBI talks about going after radical, traditional Catholics,” she said.

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“Just yesterday, we learned from Jim Jordan, an undercover agent, and the talk of going into Catholic churches. And then this, when [Utah GOP Sen.] Mike Lee puts forward there have been 34 arrests of pro-lifers, many of whom have been exonerated in courts of law,” she added.

“81 attacks on pro-life facilities, and only two prosecuted? That doesn’t include Catholic churches. What does that all add up to? An overt, anti-conservative, anti-Catholic, anti-Christian bias on the part of this administration,” said the former Trump White House press secretary.

“It’s not that hard. You just add up the pieces, and you see what they equal,” she said.

Fox News noted further:

“I think it’s just a rise in secularism in the United States,” Arielle Del Turco, assistant director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council (FRC), told Fox News Digital.

Del Turco is the primary author of “Hostility Against Churches Is on the Rise in the United States,” the FRC’s report documenting the increasing rate of church vandalism in the U.S. during recent years.

In an update published this month, the report noted that 2023 is already on track to log the highest number of church vandalism incidents within the six years FRC has been tracking them.

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