President Joe Biden said he had no advance warning before the FBI launched an unprecedented raid on a former president, Donald Trump, in August, but a new report disputes his claim.

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A new thread of social media statements from America First Legal has linked Joe Biden directly and undeniably to the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida, home at Mar-a-Lago, even though the White House has publicly denied the connection.

“American First Legal has exposed just how involved with the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence the Biden White House really was – at this point we can’t even be surprised anymore. All things politically targeting Trump and others on the Right seem to lead back to Biden,” said, Twitchy. “Or at least whoever is pulling Biden’s strings right now.”

Eric Trump wasted no time in pointing out that he was correct when he, on the morning of that raid, blamed Biden.

“I called it the morning of the Mar-a-Lago raid. Biden knew everything!!” he said.

He noted his earlier comments had been, “Make no mistake … This did not happen without Joe Biden’s explicit approval. The White House approved of this. Mark my words … It will come out.”

America First confirmed that records the organization has accessed “from our investigation into the circumstances of the Mar-a-Lago raid reveal the Biden White House & DOJ coordinated to obtain the Trump records and perhaps create a pretext for the law enforcement raid by way of a ‘special access request.’”

Breitbart reported, bluntly, “President Joe Biden’s administration was involved in the raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence through a ‘special access request,’ according to documents obtained from the National Archives by America First Legal.”

The raid by the FBI, last August 8, purportedly was to retrieve allegedly classified documents. President Trump has said he declassified the documents he had, which he, as president, had the authority to do.

The report confirmed that the FBI got access to records “through a “special access request” that was directly from the Biden White House on behalf of the DOJ.

That contradicts what Congress has been told by officials with the National Archives.

The report explained John Laster, the Archives official responsible for administering all access requests for presidential records, was involved in the documents taken from Mar-a-Lago.

The report explained, “If the OIG acted independently in making a referral to the FBI, then Mr. Laster would not have involved himself in the FBI’s review of the 15 boxes in his capacity as the director of the White House Liaison Division ‘responsible for all access requests for presidential records.’”

It said, “the evidence is that the Biden White House and the Department of Justice coordinated to obtain the Trump records.”

America First said, “The special access statute authorizes special access requests to an incumbent president only when the records in question are needed for ‘the conduct of current business’ of the White House. Providing documents to the DOJ for purposes of a criminal investigation is not the ‘current business’ of the White House.”

Breitbart continued, “Reed D. Rubinstein, senior counselor and director of oversight and investigations, released a statement ripping the White House’s reported role in the FBI raid of Trump’s home.”

He said, “The evidence further suggests that Biden officials in the executive office of the president and the Department of Justice unlawfully abused their power and then lied about it to the American people. This government, it seems, acknowledges no limits on its power to harass, intimidate, and silence its political opponents.”

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