House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan issued a subpoena on Monday demanding documents from FBI Director Christopher Wray pertaining to the bureau’s investigation of domestic violent extremism among Catholic Americans.

Jordan alleged that the FBI relied on at least one undercover agent to gather intelligence and that agents reached out to Catholic parishes and leaders, including clergy, to conduct their analysis, Trending Politics reported.

Jordan’s letter to Wray stated that the FBI document aimed to categorize Catholic Americans based on theological distinctions, potentially labeling certain groups of Catholic Americans as domestic terrorists.

“We have repeatedly sought information from the FBI relating to a January 23, 2023 document… After receiving no response, we reiterated our outstanding requests in a subsequent letter dated March 20, 2023. On March 23, 2023, we received a substandard and partial response consisting of only 18 pages — many with significant redactions of ‘personally identifiable information’ or ‘specific non-public information about [FBI] investigations, sources, and methods’ that prevents the Committee from fully assessing the content and context of the documents and obtaining information requested from the Bureau,” wrote Jordan.

Jordan expressed concern that the FBI attempted to turn Catholic churches into sources to surveil and report on their members.

“Americans attend church to worship and congregate for their spiritual and personal betterment. They must be free to exercise their fundamental First Amendment rights without worrying that the FBI may have planted so-called ‘tripwire’ sources or other informants in their houses of worship,” the chairman’s letter said.

Trending Politics further observed:

Although the FBI claims to have “numerous” and “rigorous” policies to protect First Amendment rights, the FBI’s proposal to develop sources within Catholic churches was reviewed and approved by two senior intelligence analysts and even the local Chief Division Counsel.

By specifically targeting Catholic Americans and suggesting the use of their churches as potential sources for monitoring and reporting on their own parishioners, the FBI’s actions represent a clear attack on the Catholic community and their fundamental First Amendment rights.

This approach is not only discriminatory, but it’s deeply concerning that the FBI attempted to invade the privacy and freedom of Americans practicing their faith.

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