The House Judiciary Committee is intensifying its investigation into the Manhattan District Attorney’s office regarding the recent indictment of former President Donald Trump.

On Friday, The Federalist reported that House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent a letter to Manhattan DA Senior Counsel Matthew Colangelo requesting a transcribed interview.

“Given your history of working for law-enforcement entities that are pursuing President Trump and the public reporting surrounding your decision to work for the New York County District Attorney’s Office, we request your cooperation with our oversight in your personal capacity,” Jordan wrote.

The committee is demanding Colangelo “hand over documents related to his hiring and sit down for a formal interview,” the report added.  The committee gave Colangelo until April 21 to provide lawmakers with a schedule of his availability.

The House Judiciary Committee has acknowledged that the investigation may encounter obstacles.

“The Committee may therefore consider legislation to enhance reporting requirements concerning the use of federal forfeiture funds and/or to prohibit the use of federal forfeiture funds to investigate a current or former President or presidential candidate,” Jordan wrote in the letter to Colangelo.

In December, DA Bragg’s office hired former Acting Associate Attorney General Colangelo to “jump start” investigations into Trump, who had announced the previous month his intention to run in 2024 against President Joe Biden.

“He will help guide the most sensitive and high-profile white-collar investigations,” said Bragg in a statement, adding Colangelo will “promote confidence in the legal system by making clear that the same rules apply to everyone – no matter how powerful.”

The House Judiciary Committee is currently looking for any evidence of coordination and election interference between the Manhattan D.A.’s office, the White House, and the Department of Justice.

Jordan stated in an interview with Fox News last week that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg had admitted to using federal funds for the Trump investigation.

Trump pleaded not guilty during his arraignment in court on Tuesday despite facing a 34-count felony indictment that carries a maximum prison sentence of 136 years. The Federalist reported that the weak nature of the case has led a dozen liberal law professors and Trump antagonists to refer to the prosecution as “a dead end.”

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