Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake hasn’t said what her next political move is going to be, but she’s nevertheless keeping a high profile.

Last week, for instance, she traveled to her home state of Iowa to give a speech to a Republican group — noting, of course, that Iowa is where the first primaries will be held next year.

She made the announcement on Twitter.

According to local media reports, she spoke to the Scott County Republicans in Bettendorf, where she attributed her tenacity in continuing to fight her election loss to her heritage. Lake has alleged that there were enough voting irregularities in November’s election to have denied her a victory over now-Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs, but so far, no state courts have substantiated the claims.

“We start Iowa nice, right? And then we start moving it up until we get to like the Iowa witch part, and I’m about to go Iowa witch on the media,” she told the crowd, according to the Iowa Capital Dispatch.

After the event, Lake — who has been mentioned as a potential 2024 running mate for former President Donald Trump — took to Twitter again to share what she described as a “hilarious” story.

“I have to share something hilarious with you guys. I’m in Iowa with hundreds of voters tonight for a rally. There was an open bar that ran out of beer…Except for one brand… @budlight. Go woke, go BROKE. Sad!” she wrote.

Conservatives have been calling for a boycott of Bud Light after the brand partnered with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney late last month.

The once-American company is now owned by AB InBev, a Belgian multinational conglomerate.

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