Rep. Lauren Boebert has managed a huge legislative victory that she says will make the USA much stronger if it passes the Senate and President Joe Biden actually signs it.

In an interview with the Crescent City Times, she began: “The Biden administration is colluding with Green New Deal extremists to slow down energy leasing, clog up the bureaucratic pipeline, and threaten American energy producers with frivolous lawsuits.

“My American Energy Act cuts red tape to unleash American energy by extending the term of APDs from two years to four years to reduce unnecessary paperwork, ensuring agencies process permits under a valid existing lease regardless of any unrelated civil action, and by prohibiting activist judges from unilaterally vacating valid energy leases,” she continued.

“In short, H.R. 1067 will help reduce gas prices by providing certainty for responsible energy production and preventing baseless litigation. With the price at the pump skyrocketing and the international energy market destabilizing, the world needs American energy now more than ever,” the Colorado Republican added.

The legislation was bipartisan, said Boebert on Twitter.

“My American Energy Act and 90-Day Review Act streamline energy production and cut through bureaucratic red tape. Both of my bills passed with bipartisan support, which is a win for all of us!” she tweeted.

House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Federal Lands Chairman Congressman Tom Tiffany praised the legislation and said it is sorely needed.

“For over two years, the Biden administration has slow-walked oil and gas permits, ultimately driving up energy costs for the American people. It doesn’t have to be this way, and I thank Congresswoman Boebert for leading legislation to speed up the permitting process from frivolous lawsuits,” said Tiffany, a Wisconsin Republican.

“The Biden Administration’s anti-America agenda is on full display, especially in the energy industry. The rapid and massive decline in the approval of drilling permits by Biden’s Department of the Interior is a clear demonstration of its opposition to American oil and gas production,” he added.

“Congresswoman Boebert’s American Energy Act would create a more efficient approval process for drilling permits and prevent radical Green New Deal judges from inserting their personal politics into our nation’s critical energy infrastructure,” Tiffany said.

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