Saturday, December 2

Another day, another win for our 45th president.

Originally published by WND News Center. Used with permission.

A Manhattan grand jury, investigating President Donald Trump under the direction of a leftist district attorney, Alvin Bragg, who has launched a campaign to “get” Trump, is closing down for a month.

The grand jury largely was expected to indict Trump in a situation in which his former lawyer paid a stripper $130,000 to keep quiet about an alleged affair, which both Trump and the stripper have denied happened.

Those payments, and non-disclosure agreements, are legal, but Bragg has claimed that the money somehow turned itself into a campaign contribution.


A multitude of legal analysts and experts have said it’s nothing but a made-up case based on Bragg’s anti-Trump politics.

Now the Daily Mail has confirmed that Politico reported the grand jury “will not hear evidence … as part of a ‘scheduled haitus.’”

Trump had expressed confidence in the ultimate outcome of the case.


“‘The evidence is so overwhelming in my favor, and so ridiculously bad for the highly partisan and hateful district attorney, that the grand jury is saying, hold on, we are not a rubber stamp, which most grand juries are branded as being, we are not going to vote against a preponderance of evidence or against large numbers of legal scholars all saying there is no case here,” he said.

commentary at the Right Scoop cited its sources to explain, “The break would push any indictment of the former president to late April at the earliest, although it is possible that the grand jury’s schedule could change. In recent weeks, the Manhattan district attorney’s office hasn’t convened the panel on certain days. But it is District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s prerogative to ask the grand jury to reconvene if prosecutors want the panel to meet during previously planned breaks.”

And it commented, “It sounds like Bragg’s phony indictment of Trump has suddenly become less important since it has fallen under a national spotlight and scrutiny. He’s either hoping that after a month there won’t be so much pressure on him or he’s backing away from this entirely. I suspect it’s the latter, but you never know with these corrupt DAs.”