Now that Republicans are back in charge of the House, they are learning all sorts of things about what Democrats were up to when they were in charge.

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is blasting Democrats who deliberately “tarred” a Republican congressman with claims he led a “surveillance” mission through the Capitol before the Jan. 6 events, even though the evidence at the time confirmed their claims were wrong.

In an interview with Just the News, No Noise, McCarthy said the fact the Democrats’ special partisan committee regarding Jan. 6 made the false claim against Rep. Barry Loudermilk, of Georgia, makes him doubt many of the committee’s statements.

Loudermilk, now chairman of the House Administration Oversight Subcommittee, is planning to release evidence this week showing “House Democrats last year had Justice Department information, videotaped evidence and witness testimony that contradicted their high-profile and later debunked claim he helped Jan. 6 defendants case the Capitol a day before the riot,” the report explained.

McCarthy now has authorized the release of all the Capitol security footage from the day, and said it was troubling that the Democrats, led by Rep. Bennie Thompson, of Mississippi, and aided by now-defeated Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, “were willing to tar a sitting member of Congress when knowing the evidence showed he was innocent,” the report explained.

“This is really why I’m all about transparency. I’m trying to put everything out. Because everything I look at what the Jan. 6 committee did, they tried to put it in a scope of their own eyes, their own view where they wouldn’t even let Republicans on the committee,” he said.

“Then they tried to blame Barry Loudermilk for something he didn’t do, because Republicans weren’t on the committee. But we proved that it’s not true.”

He confirmed the evidence was available to Democrats, so they knew what they were charging was, in fact, a lie.

“I know they knew. And the one thing after they made that accusation we had [recently retired Rep.] Rodney Davis go out and show the tape, and even the Capitol Police came forward to the Sergeant at Arms and said this isn’t true.”

That, he warned, “puts into question everything else they have said.”

Loudermilk, in fact, told Just the News that he will be releasing evidence that shows the partisan Jan. 6 committee had information from federal agents, videotapes and witnesses disproving their claim against him.

He said, “Unfortunately, the Jan. 6 committee decided to ignore the facts to fit a political narrative. As chairman of the subcommittee, I promise we will separate fact from fiction.”

It was Thompson and Cheney who pushed the false claim against Loudermilk, sending him a letter, which was highly publicized, insisting he testify and explain why “he might have led a reconnaissance tour with Jan. 6 attackers” before the day.”

“We believe you have information regarding a tour you led through parts of the Capitol complex on January 5, 2021,” they claimed. “Public reporting and witness accounts indicate some individuals and groups engaged in efforts to gather information about the layout of the U.S. Capitol, as well as the House and Senate office buildings.”

Loudermilk denied the charge, and police backed him.

However, now Thompson has refused to apologize to Loudermilk, the report said.

“We move on,” he said.

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