Surveillance video of Mount Washington summit, located in northern New Hampshire, depicted an otherworldly scene on Friday as temperatures plunged to a record -110F with windchill.

Some users online said the scene looked like another world, with the New York Post reporting that the environment is as “cold as Mars.”

The video is eerie, there’s no question about it. And it reeks of danger, especially for the personnel who are working there.


The Post reported:

Known for having some of the world’s worst weather, Mount Washington saw air temperatures plummet to minus 46 degrees with wind speeds averaging over 100 miles per hour with gusts over 125 miles per hour as the artic air mass wreaked havoc Friday, according to the Mount Washington observatory.

Visibility atop the mountain was less than one-sixteenth of a mile — or just over 100 yards.

The Post went on to note that, according to NASA, the temperature on Mars this week was a “balmy high of 16 degrees with a low of minus 105.” The agency noted further that temps on the planet can fluctuate between minus 225 and 70 degrees.

According to meteorologists and scientists, bare skin in this kind of temperature freezes in less than a minute, meaning anyone caught without proper clothing will likely freeze to death very quickly.

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