Prominent talk show host and commentator Mark Steyn has released a video announcing his return to the airwaves.

Originally published by WND News Center. Used with permission.

Apparently, the popular pundit who used to substitute for the late Rush Limbaugh suffered a pair of heart attacks.

“Hey remember me? Mark Steyn. I’m not dead,” he begins. “I could be dead and the nurses just haven’t told me yet, but until they do I’m working on the assumption that my corporeal existence remains ongoing.”

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report from GBNews in the United Kingdom said, he didn’t recognize the first attack, so “the second one was rather more severe.”

“Speaking on SteynOnline, he said: ‘The good news is that the first one occurred when I was in London. If you get a chance to see that day’s Mark Steyn Show, with hindsight, I don’t look quite right in close-ups,’” the report explained.

He explained, “By not recognizing it as a heart attack, I deftly avoided being one of those stories we feature on the show every couple of nights about people in the UK calling emergency and being left in the street for 15 hours before an ambulance shows up.”

He explained the second heart attack was in France, and he was told he was 15 minutes from death.

The report said fellow GB News host Mark Dolan filled in for Steyn for a time.


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