A leading House Republican has his sights set on President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, and he’s not about to let it go.

Originally published by WND News Center. Used with permission.

The Bidens need to be investigated to determine whether they profited from classified government documents that recently were found in one of Joe Biden’s private offices, his garage, and other places in his home.

The issue is that his son, Hunter, appears to have had access to those documents, since he was living in the home when the documents were stored in a locked garage next to Joe Biden’s collectible Corvette.

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It was Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., the chief of the House Oversight Committee, who said his panel needs to investigate if those documents were a source of income to the Bidens, whether they were used “to profit” the family.

Hunter Biden has been accused by critics of essentially making deals worth millions of dollars for himself, and other family members, in which he essentially provided access to his father, who was vice president and now president.

It’s known that Joe Biden did meet with his son’s business “associates” multiple times, and he even was mentioned as the “big guy” in line for 10% of one of the deals Hunter cut with Chinese officials.

Comer was responding Monday to a question about whether Biden’s mishandling of classified information was an impeachable offense.

“It’s impeachable if he was using those documents in a way to profit for his family,” he said.

He confirmed at this point there “no evidence that happened,” but continued, saying, “That’s something I think it needs to be looked into.”

He openly wondered about the fact that “China’s donated so much money to the different Biden interests,” and suggested the Communist regime was not going it “out of the kindess of their heart.”

He documented that the Bidens have made “millions and millions of dollars from China. You look at the wire transfers, the money was going from China to different LLCs and then to pay both Hunter Biden and Jim Biden salaries for ‘consulting.’ We’d like to know what that consulting was. I feel like if China, or anyone, pays you millions of dollars, they expect to get a return on that investment.”

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