Officials in New Jersey have announced a formal investigation into the general election results from Monmouth County.

Originally published at WND News Center. Used with permission.

statement from Attorney General Matthew Platkin confirmed a “full investigation is warranted” based on the evidence at hand.

“Protecting New Jerseyans’ right to vote in a free and fair election is paramount to our democracy, and ensuring the integrity of that process is essential,” Platkin said. “Based on public reports regarding the 2022 general election in Monmouth County, a full investigation is warranted to encourage and preserve public trust in our elections, including recommendations for reforms to benefit the conduct of contests statewide.”

report from Just the News said some votes in the county were double-counted, “possibly flipping the outcome of a local school board race.”

Former Attorney General Peter Harvey and his law firm were retained to investigation that county’s election processes.

The report explained, “The county’s voting vendor Election Systems and Software said that the results of a non-partisan school board race were altered due to an error in Ocean Township, which has a population of nearly 28,000, according to census data.”

Katrina Granger, a company official, confirmed in an interview that, “A technician inadvertently loaded votes twice in error. Typically our software blocks this from happening. Unfortunately, a human error in a July software reinstallment missed the step that would have flagged the mistake.”

Just the News noted the top three school board candidates were winners of seats. But candidate Jeffrey Weinstein, in fourth initially with 3,503 votes, jumped ahead of No. 3 Steve Clayton after the error was corrected.

Clayton said the development shocked him and he was exploring his options.

The 2020 election results were rife with questions after Mark Zuckerberg handed out some $400 million through foundations to local elections officials, who often used that stash of cash to recruit voters from Democrat precincts.

Further, social and legacy media operations worked together to conceal accurate, but very damaging, information about the Biden family’s international business operations, including massive payments from America’s enemies, China and Russia, in the leadup to the 2020 vote.

Surveys and studies have suggested either of those election influence operations probably changed the presidential race winner from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

In the New Jersey case, Sundeep Iver, of the division of Civil Rights, said, “It is critical that our elections comply with all applicable civil rights laws. Voters in New Jersey deserve no less. I am grateful for Attorney General Platkin’s continued leadership in protecting the right to vote.”

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