Even as Congress and the Biden administration assured that Ukraine would get tens of billions more dollars in the latest massive budget passed by lawmakers on Friday, National Guard troops are learning they will get shafted on their last paycheck of the year.

According to a message obtained by The Post Millennial, “the Biden administration failed to pay numerous National Guard troops their final year end pay on time during the week of Christmas.

“The failure came after approving a contoversial additional $45 billion aid package to Ukraine, and the House passing a $1.7 trillion spending plan,” the outlet’s report continued.

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“Hello gents,” began a message sent to members of the National Guard, “if you have been tracking, the pay issue that has been plaguing the unit and the division as well.”

Reports came in from Pennsylvania, Georgia, and South Carolina from troops angered and upset that their pay hadn’t yet come through, the outlet continued.

“You are probably already tracking there are pay issues. Many soldiers were due pay today.”

“They received LES but did not receive funds,” the letter noted, referring to a Leave and Earning Statement, a pay stub without accompanying funds.

The letter added the lack of pay is a “nation wide” issue, which “seems to be at DFAS [Defense Finance and Accounting Service] and is related to the CR.”

“This is unfortunate and can cause serious issues and aggravation across the formation which are understandable. Especially 2 days before Christmas,” the letter stated. “I think the messaging is important that it’s understood the issues are at the highest levels and that everyone in the Division and State are pushing for immediate resolution.”

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