Former President Donald Trump has had his share of trouble lately, but judging by a major new survey, he doesn’t appear to have been harmed too much by it.

Originally published at WND News Center. Used with Permission.

President Trump forever has been the target of Democrats who claim he’s wrong for America, that he is, in fact, an “insurrectionist.” They’ve essentially created a party plank that he should be kept out of office by whatever means necessary.

Others, even some in the GOP, say he was a drag on the party’s midterm results.

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But two top pollsters say he’s as “strong as ever.”

It is columnist Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner who reported on the work of John and Jim McLaughlin, who run McLaughlin & Associates.

Their newest poll shows Trump leading a widely promoted possible GOP challenger for the White House, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, 48%-23%, and leading Joe Biden in a potential 2020 rematch 48%-45%.

“Here at Secrets, we write a lot about polls and have highlighted many about the DeSantis surge, especially after his blockbuster reelection last month. While it’s still over a year before the first caucus or primary, they all give a suggestion for how the candidates are doing among voters but shouldn’t be taken as the last word,” Bedard wrote.

The poll showed 61% of Republican primary voters want Trump on the ballot again, and only 27% saying no.

“What’s different about the McLaughlin poll, John McLaughlin told us, is that it is tougher with the sample it uses. It tries to whittle down its sample to those most likely to vote instead of a bigger vat that may include some who’ve never voted,” Bedard explained. “McLaughlin tries to stay away from anti-Trump bias in many media polls. And finally, it replicates the Democrat-to-Republican percentage of more recent elections.”

John McLaughlin told Bedard, “First you have to look at the quality of the poll and the source. Most published polls are from the liberal, anti-Trump media, and they do backflips to create biased surveys to suppress the Trump voters and donors. Many of the biased media polls are diluted with nonvoters and have samples of adults and do not reflect actual voters as likely voter polls do. They also bias the sample asking anti-Trump questions.”

Their analysis explained, “Once again we see the media using polls to discourage and suppress supporters and donors of President Trump. Why? Because it’s very clear that the Republican establishment, the Washington, D.C. establishment, and the media establishment do not want to see him elected president again.”

John McLaughlin said, “The continued attacks on Trump by President Biden and liberals in Congress galvanize Trump’s conservative base. The bottom line — Trump is still the Republican to beat, and actual votes for delegates are over a year away.”

In fact, Trump, who already has announced his candidacy for the 2024 election, has just released a new policy video regarding immigration.

He warns against any further escalation, through amnesty, of the crisis Biden created at the southern border by his decision to abandon Trump’s successful border strategies.

“We’ve never seen anything like it. Our country is under invasion,” he said, pointing out “amnesty” would just “reward Joe Biden’s lawlessness” as well as the criminal cartels.

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