Fox News late-night host and “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld trolled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday, offering up a comedic reason for why her face looks younger than her 82 years — and no, it isn’t because she is rumored to be a huge fan of botox treatments. Rather, he thinks it has more to do with animal excrement. Not even kidding.

The popular host made his remarks in relation to the Pelosi-selected Jan. 6 committee sending criminal referrals for former President Donald Trump to Joe Biden’s Justice Department, which Republicans have accused of acting in a highly partisan fashion since he took office.

“The fake panel recommended the Justice Department charge Trump with insurrection, obstruction of an official proceeding, making false statements to investigators, and conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government,” Gutfeld noted, then added: “They left out the JFK assassination. But all of this is B.S. on its face, which I hear keeps Pelosi’s skin looking young. Just rub it in — if you can handle the smell.”

Gutfeld then pivoted back to the subject of the Jan. 6 Committee and the Trump criminal referrals: “This vote is the least shocking thing in politics; it’s Epstein was found dead in his cell, and Hillary was seen leaving the scene on a broom. The most shocking thing in politics was when Bernie Sanders accidentally peed on his neighbor’s electric fence. Not as fun as it looks.”

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“Of course, the committee was the most lopsided mob since the villagers went after Frankenstein; they made it one-sided for a reason; that’s how a third-hand account of Trump attacking Secret Service from the back seat of an SUV suddenly becomes evidence,” he joked. “The only two Republicans on the panel were Liz [Cheney] and Adam [Kinzinger]. Calling those two Republicans, it’s like calling the WNBA professional basketball.”

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