Tuesday, September 26

Former top Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani dropped bombshells during an interview over the weekend regarding information he wanted to share in 2019 about first son Hunter Biden’s now-infamous laptop.

Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and a federal prosecutor, said he attempted to provide the information via a copy of the laptop’s hard drive to several notable conservative media types but according to him, they refused to accept it.

“I had this whole thing – let’s say half of it; certainly enough to prosecute — in 2019,” Giuliani told Newsmax’ TV’s “Saturday Report,” going on to say how he frequently pondered how he would share the bombshell information with Americans. “I gave it to Hannity in early 2019, then to John Solomon, then to Mike Pompeo, who also buried it.

“And you should know that now that he’s [Trump] running for president — and I will tell you the whole story about that at some point. I’ll write it out,” he continued.

Newsmax reported further:


Giuliani was former President Donald Trump’s private attorney and was shocked to have learned Justice Department Attorney General Bill Barr had Hunter Biden’s laptop in late 2019.

“And then Barr buried it in January of 2020, and I didn’t know that Barr has the hard drive,” Giuliani continued to host Rita Cosby. “He covered up the hard drive.”

From the first allegations of Russian collusion to the Trump campaign to the presidential elections and now the deadly war in Ukraine, Americans could have known the truth in 2019, if they had just listened to Giuliani, he continued.

“I’ve been living with this for 3.5 years when I first put out the information about Biden’s bribery in Ukraine, and I lived through that,” Giuliani alleged. “I got up every morning from the first moment I got that hard drive, saying to myself, ‘How can I get this to my fellow citizens?

“Because you just read a just a little bit of that, you realize the candidate of the Democratic Party was a lifelong criminal, and I mean, there are 50-60 crimes outlined there and I’m not saying that lightly,” he added.

“There are several racketeering cases in which Joe Biden would be similar to the head of an organized crime family,” Giuliani said. “He took millions of dollars in bribes, millions. This is the biggest corruption case that I can find in the history of this country, and it was covered up by the major part of the media in this country, and they knew it.”

“I know the pressure they put on you at the very end, and a lot of people have caved like Barr — Bill Barr caved like an empty suit on this one,” Giuliani said.

At present, Hunter Biden is under federal investigation for, according to reports, tax issues, a potential illegal gun purchase, and failure to register as a foreign agent.

No charges have been brought, however, and there is no indication that President Biden is a part of any of those probes.