The FBI has responded to accusations from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) after the likely incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee accused the federal law enforcement agency of targeting conservative causes and figures.

And it was a masterpiece of ‘bureaucratese’ if there ever was one.

“The FBI has strong procedures in place to promote accountability when an FBI employee strays from their obligations — including employee actions that create the appearance of political, social, or other bias. The FBI takes all allegations of misconduct very seriously, and that includes taking seriously our responsibility to FBI employees who make protected disclosures under the whistleblower regulations,” Jill Tyson, the FBI’s assistant director of its Office of Congressional Affairs, wrote.

“It is important to emphasize that allegations against one or a very small number of employees do not reflect a widespread political bias or a lack of objectivity by the FBI’s 38,000 employees who perform their jobs objectively, rigorously, and with professionalism,” she added. “Nor do such allegations fairly call into question the FBI’s motivations and actions to fulfill its mission, which reflects the collective judgment and effort of our workforce.”

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Jordan previously requested that FBI Director Christopher Wray, along with Attorney General Merrick Garland and other DOJ figures, testify before his committee.

“Under Jordan, the committee is set to continue an investigation into the Biden administration’s ‘misuse of federal criminal and counterterrorism resources to target concerned parents at school board meetings’ after Jordan said whistleblowers shared information that the White House ‘colluded with the National School Boards Association to manufacture a pretext for the use of federal law enforcement authorities against parents,’” Fox News reported.

“The FBI is not immune from transparency or above accountability for its actions,” Jordan told Wray in a letter last month. “Committee Republicans intend to continue to examine the politicization and bias at the FBI, including into the 118th Congress if necessary.”

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