Rep. Jim Jordan, who is likely going to take over the chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee in January after the new GOP majority is sworn in, is not waiting for the gavel.

The Ohio Republican is already demanding answers from former Obama and Biden administration officials on a range of issues.

Specifically, he wants answers from former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former Director of the CIA John Brennan, former executive director for the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board Nina Jankowicz, and the Executive Assistant Director of the FBI’s Human Resource Branch, Jennifer Moore.

He is demanding information from Clapper and Brennan regarding a letter signed by dozens of current and former intelligence community officials who falsely suggested that the Hunter Biden laptop story was ‘Russian disinformation in an open letter published weeks before the 2020 election. The letter gave the media cover to denounce the story and Twitter cover to suppress it.

He wants information from Jankowicz about the un-American Disinformation Governance Board, and his staff has asked her to contact his office to set up a time for an interview.

And Jordan wants answers from Moore about targeting whistleblowers and conservative employees of the federal government.

“James Clapper & John Brennan are on notice,” Jordan noted in a tweet that contained a screengrab of his letter.

He added that protected whistleblowers “suggest that the FBI is engaging in a ‘purge’ of employees with conservative views by revoking their security clearances and indefinitely suspending these employees” and that she has “signed many of the formal notices for these adverse personnel actions.”

“We have also received information suggesting you have retaliated against at least one whistleblower who has made protected disclosures to Congress,” Jordan wrote.

He also warned them all he would issue subpoenas to get the information by a “compulsory process if necessary.”

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